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Tarik Schreivogel

(Product Management Waidwerken & Mediadatas)

In my leisure time, I also love to spend time in the nature and puzzle about ideas on how to offer benefits in terms of planning, organization and communication for hunting. In the past, together with Simon, we developed the Waidwerken app, which offers a ad marketplace in the form of a free app. In particular, I am looking forward to develop the app Waidwerken within a larger team and to work on furthering innovative ideas and products.

Tarik Schreivogel

Simon Delkeskamp

Simon Delkeskamp

(Product Management Waidwerken & Marketing)

Following my passion for hunting, the environment and forestry, I designed and implemented the hunting application Waidwerken, which I developed and managed with my friend Tarik. Now I am looking forward to further following my passion at Outlander LB GmbH, continuing to develop the Waidwerken App and implementing additional innovative ideas and projects together.

Christoph Kläffling

(Internationalization, Investor Relations & Financing)

Alex is my business partner and friend. We frequently discussed whether and how to become self-employed. It was not only very relevant to start with an innovative idea but also the desire to work on a subject that brings joy. For me nature is life and energy in its purest form. When Alex launched Outlander GmbH, we quickly agreed that I would be involved in building the company. I am happy to walk this path together!


Daniel Belau

Daniel Belau

(Sales Consulting)

As my business partner and friend has already mentioned, it is very exciting and thrilling to introduce a new development. Thanks to Alexander’s innovative idea I can combine my passion for hunting with my entrepreneurial skills for the benefits of our company. Just like Alexander I love nature and savour outdoor activities that help me regaining energy. I am looking forward to embark on the “Outlander” journey ....

Alexander Lechner

(Founder & CEO)

“Outlander LB” is a young brand with fresh ideas and many plans for the future. This brand embodies adventure, wilderness and pure nature. In my leisure time I enjoy being outside and experiencing nature what allows me to relax and recover strength. We want to provide our customers with innovative products to support them so that experiencing nature becomes a real adventure. It is a great pleasure to develop and create such a business with my friends and partners. I am looking forward to this exciting challenge ....

Alex Lechner